Reasons Why You Need A Property Manager

Reasons Why You Need A Property Manager

Owning real estate is known to be a good investment, especially with properties from which you obtain recurring income in the form of rental and lease payments. You sit back while the cash rolls in, right? Wrong. Well, sort of, anyway. 

The reality is that owning rental properties is a big responsibility and as the owner, you are accountable for creating a living space that renters will choose over other competitors. In the long run, hiring a property manager will pay off in protecting your investment in your rental property. 

Here are a few reasons why investing in a property manager is a good idea:

Round-the-Clock Coverage

The property manager is the first point of contact for tenants at your property. This means that late-night and weekend emergencies are handled by people trained in diagnosing issues and contacting the proper vendor/contractor/repair service to resolve them.


Your property investment works best for you when it creates an optimal income stream - and that means maintaining maximum occupancy. A property manager has the tools and expertise to market your property which helps ensure vacancies are quickly filled and your income is maximized. Property managers also have the experience and knowledge to properly screen and qualify tenants.

Maintenance and Repairs

General maintenance is important for a rental property because it keeps the place looking and working great, and also keeps your tenants happy. Some of the best advertising is word of mouth (or word of internet reviews), so having someone else help out with managing areas of your property such as pool maintenance, common area cleanup, and general presence is important to maintaining the reputation of your property. Professional property managers have contacts with other related trade pros to make sure you get good work at a fair price.

Legal Compliance

Unless you’re in real estate law, you may find all the local, state and federal regulatory requirements to be confusing. A property manager is trained and qualified to understand the legal and regulatory environment of the locale and will assure that your property remains compliant.

Setting the Right Rents

Property managers have their finger on the pulse of the market and they keep up with all the industry trends. This is crucial to keeping your property competitive while optimizing your income from rental revenue.


Someone needs to be keeping an eye on your property to deter criminal activity and prevent major repairs. Property managers provide you with the needed peace of mind with regular visits to your property. This way they're able to catch potential issues before they become big problems.

Collecting the Rent

Your income depends on prompt payments by tenants. A property manager has the tools to assure that rents are tracked and collected in a timely manner. They also act as the ‘middleman’ in the financial transaction, which frees you from the hassle and frustration of dealing with collections. Since there are potentially serious legal implications in being a ‘good guy’ and allowing late rental payments, a property manager is beneficial in handling this critical aspect of real estate ownership. 

Legal Action

Professional property managers are well-versed in the legal aspects of managing your property, including serious actions like evictions. Legal issues are tense and sometimes difficult to resolve. By handing this responsibility over to a pro who knows the law and has the expertise and resources, you can rest easier by knowing he or she will resolve such matters quickly and efficiently.

Long Distance Investment

The property management industry handles a wide range of management duties for all kinds of property owners, many of whom are not local to the properties they own. Engaging a property management company gives owners the freedom to concentrate their efforts on other things - like finding other great property investments!

Real estate investing is a great income opportunity, and optimizing your investment is important. A qualified property management company enhances your investment by keeping a close eye on the details and freeing up your time for other aspects of your personal and professional endeavors.