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Denise Headrick | Healthcare Consultant
Michael's company has provided realty management service for me for 27 years. He has done much more than that. He has been an advisor, a consultant, and to me he is the Clark Howard of realty management. The next best thing to having a big brother to look out for you. I have only met with him twice over these 27 years but I could pick up the phone today and talk to him about anything and he would help me or find what I needed. You bet, the Clark Howard of realty management.

Claire Brackett | Realtor at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Michael McCreary, his staff and company McCreary Realty Management has managed our HOA at Cheatham Lake for the past 16 years. He meets with the HOA twice a year, is prompt, well prepared and handles our concerns with diplomacy, tact and in a practical manner. I recommend him and his staff.

John Skelton
They manage my house in Marietta and have done a fantastic job. Consummate professionals!

Jerry Durham
McCreary Realty is an amazing company with the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff. One of the best management companies in Georgia! Easy to work with and care about their owners, tenants, vendors and staff.

John Adams | Real Estate Broker & Investor
Michael McCreary is a top-notch professional property manager, and he has successfully crossed the bridge from individual performance to FIRM performance. ALL of his people, from the person who answers the phone to the individual property manager, is totally focused on getting my property rented as quickly as possible to the best tenant possible for the highest rent possible. That's all I ask. I have been in this business since I bought my first apartment complex in 1974, and there is NO ONE better in the Atlanta metro area than Michael McCreary. I never give ANYONE my highest recommendation, but I will break my rule for Michael - his firm is simply the best.

Pest Management Services
McCreary Realty is the best! They are a honest company that is very knowledgeable about managing your investment property. I have been conducting business with them for the last year and love working with Megan and Bess. Looking forward to many more years working together!

Susan Mauldin | Chief Security Officer at Equifax
Michael runs a highly competent property management firm that has served my husband and me well for many years. Over the years we placed several properties in Michael's care, and he consistently provided outstanding service to us as well as to our tenants. We had our share of sticky situations, and Michael expertly advised us as well as assisted us through those tough times. Operating with a high degree of credibility, Michael is someone who I trust implicitly to help manage my property investments. Michael brings a genuine sincerity and caring to his role, and I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for outstanding property management.

David Witt | Principal at Witt Ventures LLC
Michael excels at residential property management. He knows the market well, is very good with qualifying tenants, and his people are sticklers for detail. Follow up is always excellent. His accounting system is state-of-the-art, and provides all the information needed for tax returns, etc. We have used him for many years, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a good property manager.

Ron Raitz | President, Atlanta Deferred Exchange
When we phased out of the property management business, 15 years ago, I recommended that our clients use Michael's company. When (several years later) I decided it was best for someone else to manage my rental house, my only call was to Michael. He and his staff were professional, responsive and did an outstanding job.

John McMenamin | Realtor at Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage
For over fifteen years, I have had the privilege of working with Michael McCreary in many real estate transactions. Each time, Michael has displayed an extraordinary knowledge of rental property management and has an exceptional grasp of the overall real estate market. Consistently, as I have referred clients to him, they have reported dependable and professional service. In addition, of all the property management companies that have handled our subdivision's homeowner's association, McCreary Realty Management has, by far, been superior. I wholeheartedly recommend Michael McCreary and his staff for anyone who needs property management services.

Dan (Doc) Coster | Chief of Party - Agricultural Extension Project for CARE Bangladesh
We tried managing our own rental property from a distance and quickly learned that we needed professional assistance. McCreary Realty stepped in and did it all. We purchased a second property and did not hesitate to ask McCreary to manage it. Over 7 years there have been a number of unexpected problems and issues that suddenly emerge on one property or the other - storm damage, pest problems, worn out equipment, lawn problems, tenant problems - and McCreary has consistently come through. McCreary has identified new tenants a number of times through various economic situations over the years. It's been a roller coaster at times, but McCreary has always managed to come through - with new tenants along with professional services to get them contracted and moved in. McCreary has provided very high value at a very reasonable cost. Dan & Ann, satisfied customers in Marietta, GA

Rich Russo | Director, North America Search Operations at Futurestep, a Korn Ferry Company
Michael and the staff at McCreary Realty Management have done a wonderful job advising me on real estate issues. I first met Michael when our homeowners association was looking for a professional management company to help us transition from developer ownership. Based on that positive experience I've invited Michael to manage several of the properties in my family's real estate portfolio. Despite the ups and downs of the real estate market over the past 13 years, Michael and the team always provide steady management, great service and peace of mind. I won't have anyone else manage my properties!

Deryk Harper | Managing Broker at Key Locations Property Management LLC
Michael has more knowledge and experience in Georgia rental property management than just about anyone I know. Anytime I have had a question about procedures, lease terms, tenant/owner/property management, maintenance issues etc. he has always given me great answers and excellent advice. He is the only property manager in the Cobb County area that gets my referrals.
Michael treats owners, tenants, employees and peers with the same sense of service and respect that I would expect from an expert in this field. He is always working to improve himself, his business and those around him. His website, business documents, staff and service are all a reflection of years of experience and attention to detail. I would recommend Michael to anyone in need of quality residential property management services.

Philip Goldstein
Michael McCreary manages my residential rental real estate properties and has done a great job with them over the years. His firm has done a good job of finding good tenants, managing and maintaining the properties and had kept occupancy for my properties at a high level over the years. Michael is professional, personable and I have recommended him to others that have rental properties that are looking for a management company as well as people interested in renting properties.

Patty Kendrick | Associate Broker, REMAX/PURE
Michael is the most experienced and professional property manager in our industry. When I recently needed help for one of my clients living in a community managed by McCreary Realty Management, I got quick, courteous, professional results. I refer Michael any time I can to customers needing property management.

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